Axon and Fotokite bring live streaming to public safety
02.11.2021 Axon (Nasdaq: AXON), the global leader in connected public safety technologies, in partnership with Fotokite, today announced the autonomous Fotokite Sigma UAS complete with wireless livestreaming and evidence management is now commercially available to public safety customers in the US and Canada.
Axon Fotokite launch of evidence platform

The exclusive partnership between Axon and Fotokite, announced in 2020, changes the way agencies leverage drones for real-time aerial situational awareness. Through Axon’s real-time operations platform, Axon Respond, ground operators will have access to real-time streaming video to support effective decision making and improved outcomes. Additionally, with integration with Axon Evidence, Axon’s digital evidence management platform, footage can be easily and securely stored and managed, ensuring integrity and availability throughout the chain of custody.

“We are thrilled to bring an actively tethered drone solution to public safety. Whether the use case is traffic control, accident scene management, search and rescue, or routine patrol, users can easily operate the Fotokite Sigma to receive a bird’s-eye view of an incident,” says Axon CPO and EVP Software, Jeff Kunins. “With seamless connection and integration into Axon Respond — our real-time situational awareness platform — agencies will have better visibility into what’s happening in the field.”

The Fotokite Sigma can launch, fly, and land with the push of a button—no setup time, calibration, or active piloting required. It is the only UAV system permitted by the FAA to be operated by any professional public safety team member without the need for a pilot license or further authorization. The drone is capable of more than 24-hours of continuous flight time and able to withstand extreme weather conditions to ensure it is ready to operate when and where it is needed.

“The Fotokite Team is proud to work alongside Axon to deliver a solution integrated with situational awareness and evidence management for first responders. Combining Axon’s industry-leading Evidence and Respond platforms with autonomous technologies like the Fotokite Sigma helps public safety agencies save lives, serve their communities and stay safe while doing so,” says Christopher McCall, Fotokite’s CEO. “While the demands on first responders grow in complexity every day, we are grateful to be part of the solution by delivering actionable intelligence at the push of a button.”

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