Sklep Ogniowy and Fotokite partner to serve Polish Fire market
25.08.2021 - Fotokite enters Polish market with Sklep Ogniowy as partner to supply public safety teams in Poland with Fotokite’s autonomous thermal imaging tethered UAVs.
skle0p ogniowy

Fotokite announces a new partnership with the Polish fire equipment distributor Sklep Ogniowy. With its headquarters in Brodnica, Poland, the are a leading trade company providing firefighting equipment and apparatus for first responders. The partnership will enable Sklep Ogniowy to supply local fire departments with cutting edge aerial intelligence. 

Equipped with Fotokite Sigma, Polish firefighters will be able to obtain mission-critical thermal and low light video streams from a birds-eye view with just the push of a button. The system’s autonomous flight capability as well as its integrated safety features make it a daily plug-and-play solution for any size vehicle or fire department. 

Fotokite Sigma’s stable and continuous flight will enable polish first responders to record valuable footage from any scene, no matter how long the mission lasts. The newly released livestream function will also allow teams at the scene to share mission-critical live footage to any external party. The intuitive user interface of the Fotokite Live piloting software makes it easy to use for any first responder and an ideal solution for quick and safe aerial intelligence.