Fotokite is now available in Italy thanks to Intellitronika SRL
21.01.2021 Fotokite enters the Italian market with Intellitronika SRL as a partner to offer Fotokite Sigma aerial situational awareness systems to Emergency Professionals across the country.
Intellitronika Fotokite partnership announcement

Fotokite is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Intellitronika, a leader in Situational Management Solutions for Emergency Teams in Italy. Intellitronika SRL, part of the ITK Group, is an Information and Communications Technology company that has been operating in the security sector for over 30 years developing solutions for the main emergency administration entities across the country.

Fotokite and Intellitronika will jointly work to bring innovative solutions to their customers and to develop technologically advanced solutions tailored to customer’s needs. Intellitronika noticeably excels in complex IoT integrations, both on software and hardware fronts. Fotokite focuses on helping first responder teams manage complex, safety-critical situations that aid in protecting life and preserving property. Fotokite situational awareness tools will provide immediate aerial thermal imaging overviews and intelligence at emergency response scenes to the Italian Public Safety teams.

First responders, Firefighters and Carabinieri will now benefit from a local Italian presence to train and support Fotokite Sigma users. With a 24h of autonomous flight time and an IP55 rating, the Fotokite Sigma is the tethered system built for daily emergency missions, allowing immediate situational awareness with the push of a button, no joysticks required.

If you are interested in hearing more about the partnership, please reach out to Fotokite or Intellitronika.

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