UK Fire Market is getting a new aerial thermal imaging tool
09.06.2020 Fotokite partners with Emergency One Group to equip UK fire service vehicles with latest aerial thermal imaging tool – Fotokite Sigma.
aerial thermal imaging

Fire service vehicles in the UK will be getting the latest aerial thermal imaging tool to enable instant deployment and one-button operation. Thanks to a new strategic partnership with Fotokite, a public safety-focused situational awareness solution provider, and Emergency One Group, UK’s leading fire service vehicle manufacturer, United Kingdom’s fire domestic services will be getting a new aerial thermal imaging tool, the Fotokite Sigma, as an integral part of their fire vehicles.

Co-operation between the two companies will be directed towards equipping every fire brigade in the UK with stronger situational awareness. Fotokite focuses on helping first responder teams manage complex, safety-critical situations that aid in protecting life and preserving property. Fotokite situational awareness tools integrated into Emergency One Group fire service vehicles will provide the aerial thermal imaging overview of emergency response scenes without the safety concerns and operational challenges of traditional drones.

Fotokite’s self-piloting and actively tethered UAS will enable fire brigades to focus on their mission rather than spending precious team resources on piloting or changing batteries. For more demanding environments, Fotokite’s IP55 rating is critical to perform reliably in any environmental conditions. Fotokites are operated regularly in rainy, snowy and windy weather conditions, which are native to Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you are interested in hearing more about Fotokite and Emergency One Group partnership please reach out to Fotokite and or Emergency One Group representative via the official websites.