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  • Fotokite Pro Featured in WIRED

    Marsupial Robots Ain’t Cuddly, But They Are Totally Brilliant

  • CTI Certification

    November 2nd, 2016

    Perspective Robotics AG has been awarded the CTI Start-up Label by the Swiss Confederation Commission for Technology and Innovation.

  • FAA Waiver for CNN

    August 29th, 2016

    CNN has become the first organization to be granted a waiver by the FAA to fly unmanned aerial systems over people in the United States. CNN received a certificate of waiver to operate the Fotokite Pro over uncovered people who are not directly participating in the UAS operation.

  • Qualcomm QPrize 2015

    Fotokite wins the Qualcomm QPriye Europe 2015

Fotokite Pro Key Features.

Intuitive Control

  • Flies like a kite: no piloting skills necessary
  • Lightest in-class system: 620 g / 1.37 lb. (takeoff weight including camera)

Portable Packaging

  • Compact yet rugged packaging
  • Built for single-person operation and transport

Safe Operation

  • Load bearing tether guarantees physical safety
  • Self contained system not relying on GPS or radio signal

Extended Flight Time

  • 30 – 40 min. on a single ground battery
  • Unlimited with plug-in power option
  • Uncompressed low latency full HD video

    See what you are filming in real time with the 1080p 60fps uncompressed video downlink

  • Launches in seconds

    With minimal training required, Fotokite Pro is easy to operate outdoors and even indoors

  • The tether provides permanent physical connection to the Fotokite Pro and easily identifies the operator making it safe to use near crowds.

  • Easily portable

    The Fotokite Pro comes in compact yet rugged packaging safe for transportation.

Fotokite Pro

A unique, lightweight tethered flying camera system. Made for professional use cases and live broadcasting.

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