Excelerate Group to equip UK Public Safety with aerial situational awareness
31.7.2020 Fotokite partners with Excelerate Group to supply aerial thermal imaging tool to UK Public Safety, security and government teams.
excelerate technology solution situational awareness

Fotokite and Excelerate Group have partnered to equip UK Public Safety teams with the latest tool in situational awareness technologies, the Fotokite Sigma. Since July, Fotokite and Excelerate have been collaborating to equip police, public security, event security, and central and local governments with an aerial thermal camera system that provides live footage any time of day or night.

Excelerate is a leading technology partner providing solutions to a range of markets from public safety, emergency services and health care to commercial and maritime sectors in the UK, Middle East and Australia. Excelerate specialises in delivering resilient communications for complex and critical environments by combining and integrating multiple communication carrier including Satellite, 4G, and LTE that seamlessly switch and connect. This secure, private, multi-carrier network supports real-time data, video and voice applications even when terrestrial networks are congested, under threat, or suffering from disruption.

Excelerate’s resilient communications solutions will enable the uninterrupted use of Fotokite live-video streaming in even the most rural areas where conventional 4G signal may be lacking, ensuring that every Public Safety mission gets uninterrupted connectivity and continuous situational awareness.

Fotokite and Excelerate will collaboratively gather UK Public Safety market feedback in order to better serve the various industries served by Excelerate Group.