Fotokite drone in the box
Fotokite secures investment round, achieves strong growth and expands global reach

Fotokite has secured around CHF 10 M ($ 11 M) investment to further accelerate its growth, bolster its R&D and expand its operations globally.

securely tethered UAV NYPD
Securely tethered UAV by Fotokite aids NYPD counterterrorism efforts at New Year’s Eve

New York City PD has fortified its counter-terrorism measures with the integration of Fotokites into their security infrastructure.

Cabled drone Fotokite prevents fire re-ignition protecting property at Plaza Cinema

Fotokite’s role in preventing re-ignition showcases how advanced cabled drone solutions contribute to the efficiency and safety of firefighting efforts.

Fotokite Iceland
Fotokite Tethered Drones Enhance Icelandic Volcano Monitoring by First Responders

Monitoring Iceland’s lava flow with Fotokite SIGMA. Placed strategically in evacuated zones, our drones provide real-time streaming, ensuring a safe distance.

Tethered_drone_airport tethered drone at the airport
Test day of tethered drone at the airport highlights safety without airspace interruption

Fotokite conducted a test day in collaboration with European airport firefighters, to explore how the integration of their solutions could enhance operational efficiency.

Teisen Japan Fotokite
Fotokite and Teikoku Sen-i Co. Ltd join forces to enhance public safety with tethered drones

Teisen, a trusted name in the industry with a rich history spanning over a century, is set to become the official distributor of Fotokites in Japan.

Exhibition hall with PSTR stand and Fotokite tethered drone
Fotokite and PSTR Group partner to elevate tethered drone technology in Australia

Fotokite is pleased to announce its partnership with PSTR Group, a prominent provider of emergency situation training and technology solutions based in Australia.

@fire team holding Fotokite tethered drone
Tethered UAV Fotokite Sigma is donated to @fire to enhance capabilities in managing emergencies

Fotokite’s eye in the sky promises to aid real-time situational awareness and rapid decision-making, as well as elevating the ability to save lives and protect communities.

drone on cable
Drone on cable aided crowd management during the largest maritime festival in the world

Fotokite – drone on the cable surveilled the crowd during the event and concerts that took place for the duration of the show.

tethered UAV
Tethered UAV used by Oklahoma City Fire Department to save lives and protect property

In the fast-paced world of emergency response Oklahoma City Fire Department is harnessing technology of tethered UAV to enhance its capabilities.

Tethered drones Fotokite Police
Tethered drones becoming a staple for police and fire departments

From traffic crash reconstruction, pre-tactical deployment, fire response to search and rescue, drones as well as tethered drones are now known for bringing additional safety during critical situations.

Fotokite announces closing financing, market expansion and executive team appointments

Fotokite announces that it has closed a CHF 13.7M ($14.8M) series B financing round and outlines its plans to expand operations in 2022.

swiss design prize 2021
Fotokite Sigma wins 2021 Design Prize Switzerland!

Fotokite’s unique patented system is chosen as winner of the Design Prize Switzerland 2021 in the category Product Investment.

Axon Fotokite launch of evidence platform
Axon and Fotokite bring live streaming to public safety

Fotokite and Axon today announced the autonomous Fotokite Sigma UAS complete with wireless livestreaming and evidence management to public safety customers in the US and Canada.

Cybrid Thrust Belgium
Belgian First Responders can now access Fotokite Sigma

Cybrid Thrust and Fotokite are proud to announce a distribution partnership that will give first responders and civil protection personnel in Belgium access to the Fotokite Sigma.

Virgin Media O2 & Fotokite complete 5G trial in the UK

Virgin Media O2 has conducted a first of its kind trial in the UK with Fotokite. The drone allows first responders to quickly send a tethered drone up to 45 meters above a scene.

Iturri fotokite
Fotokite partners with ITURRI Group in Spain and Portugal

Portuguese and Spanish Firefighters will be getting the the latest aerial thermal imaging tool thanks to a new strategic partnership between Fotokite and ITURRI Group.

skle0p ogniowy
Sklep Ogniowy and Fotokite partner to serve Polish Fire market

Firefighters in Poland will be getting the the latest aerial thermal imaging tool thanks to a new strategic partnership.

MSA Safety & Fotokite
Beginning of Joint Development Agreement with MSA Safety Inc.

Two companies will collaborate to advance fire scene situational awareness, both locally and through the cloud.

Fotokite wins 1st place in XTC
Fotokite wins 1st place in X-treme Tech Challenge Global Competition

XTC, the world’s largest startup competition focused on purpose-driven innovation, announced today seven Category Winners.

Fotokite webinar thermal imaging tablet
Webinar: Fotokite’s Impact on Coordination of Emergency Response

Join our webinar on 30 June to learn how Fotokites create impact by delivering situational awareness at emergency response scenes.

iF Design Award 2021 tethered drone
The High-Impact Fotokite Sigma wins a Gold iF Design Award!

Fotokite wins the top distinction in this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD: the iF Gold Award 2021.

VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland
Fotokite enters the Dutch market through VTN Nederland

Fire service vehicles in the Netherlands will be getting the latest aerial thermal imaging tool thanks to a new strategic partnership.

Fotokite tethered drone flying over EU flags
Bonjour Europe! Guten Tag Europa! Buongiorno Europa!

Fotokite announced the release of its fully autonomous aerial intelligence product line, the Fotokite Sigma, to European markets!

Intellitronika Fotokite partnership announcement
Fotokite is now available in Italy thanks to Intellitronika SRL

Fotokite enters the Italian market with Intellitronika SRL to offer Fotokite to Emergency Professionals across the country.

Swisscom 5G StartUp Challenge
Meet the winners of the 2020 Swisscom 5G StartUp Challenge!

Fotokite has given a winning pitch to the panel of judges from Ericsson, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies and Swisscom.

Swisscom 5G StartUp
Fotokite is in the Swisscom 5G StartUp Challenge!

Fotokite is among 10 finalists to compete in Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2020. Popular vote is open for the public to choose their favorites.

French Firefighters Desautel Fotokite partnership
Desautel group partners with Fotokite to supply French Firefighters

Fotokite new partnership with The Desautel Group, France’s market leader in protective equipment and fire and rescue vehicles.

tethered drone axon
Axon & Fotokite partner to offer autonomous tethered drone technology

An exclusive partnership between Fotokite and Axon gives public safety teams instant access to aerial situational awareness.

Excelerate group solutions
Excelerate Group to equip UK Public Safety with aerial situational awareness

Fotokite partners with Excelerate Group to supply aerial thermal imaging tool to UK Public Safety, security and government teams.

Firefighter team on scene in the forest
Fotokite partners with Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger GmbH to enter German market

Fotokite will enter the German market with partner Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger to fulfill demand for Fotokite Sigma systems from local fire departments.

Fotokite announces Growag AG as Swiss distributor

Fotokite has partnered with Growag Feuerwehrtechnik AG, the leading trade and production company of equipment for fire departments in Switzerland.

aerial thermal imaging
UK Fire Market is getting a new aerial thermal imaging tool

Fire service vehicles in the UK will be getting the latest aerial thermal imaging tool to enable instant deployment and one-button operation.

Fotokite launches vehicle Rooftop system for US Public Safety teams

Fotokite announced the release of the new Rooftop product configuration, providing firefighters and Public Safety teams with immediate aerial situational awareness at the push of a button.

Close up detail of the tethered drone propeller
Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital invests in Fotokite

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd., the bank’s venture capital vehicle, announced that it is investing in Perspective Robotics.

Fotokite tethered drone with dual thermal and regular light cameras
Fotokite wins $1M in New York!

Fotokite received the top prize of $1 million at GENIUS NY, the world’s largest business competition for unmanned systems in Syracuse, New York.

Fotokite at start up days
Swiss Startup Days: New concept proved to be a success

Swiss Startup Days: The two day event set new record attendance. Fotokite wins the Robotics & IOT competition track.

EU robotics fotokite
Fotokite receives top awards for innovative designs at European Robotics Forum

euRobotics hosted an Entrepreneurship and TechTransfer award. Startups from around Europe competed for top prizes in front of a panel of experts.

Fotokite wins
Fotokite wins Techstars Pitching Competition in Las Vegas!

Fotokite was awarded, among other prizes, $120’000 for winning the Techstars pitching competition at the CES event.

thermal aerial tethered drone
$250‘000 for Fotokite from Qualcomm

Fotokite has won the Qualcomm QPrize Europe.