Desautel group partners with Fotokite to supply French Firefighters
23.10.2020.Fotokite partners with Desautel Group to provide French Firefighters with autonomous thermal imaging tethered UAVs.
French Firefighters Desautel Fotokite partnership

Fotokite announces a new partnership with the French group Desautel. Headquartered in Montleul (01-Ain), Desautel is France’s market leader in protective equipment and fire and rescue vehicles. With the alliance between the Desautel group and Fotokite, French firefighters gain the ability to access an immediate aerial view during emergency situations.

With the expertise and know-how of its 7 companies, including Gallin, Gimaex FireTrucks and Echelles Riffaud, the Desautel Group has been designing and manufacturing fire protection equipment since 1932.

As an innovative partner, the Desautel group has joined forces with Fotokite to offer its customers simple and immediate access to aerial RGB and thermal points of view during emergencies. French firefighters have integration options available on the entire Desautel range of vehicles.

This unique, integrated solution enables French firefighters to quickly gain overview perspectives during critical situations at the touch of a button, without any active piloting necessary. The Fotokite Sigma, all-weather rated and deployable in seconds, is fully autonomous during flight and reduces the pilot training thresholds from 300-400 hours to 1-2. The system integrates seamlessly into fire departments that have both established UAV programs as well as brand new programs looking to begin with safe and resource-friendly technologies as a daily-use front line tool.

With an IP55 classification and a flight autonomy of 24 hours, the Fotokite Sigma can be deployed safely in all-weather conditions and in all regions of France.


About the Desautel Group
Specialized in the field of fire protection since 1932, DESAUTEL is a family group of more than 1,400 employees with a turnover of 250 million euros in 2019.
The group is made up of 4 main brands: DESAUTEL / GALLIN / GIMAEX FIRE TRUCKS / ECHELLES RIFFAUD with 6 manufacturing plants (including 5 in France):
– for the design and manufacture of fire extinguishers: Meyzieu (69) and Valence (Spain)
– for the design and manufacture of fire trucks: Niévroz (01), Roanne (42), Mitry Mory (77), Tourouvre (61)

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