Fotokite Pro Featured in WIRED

MARSUPIAL ROBOTS AIN’T CUDDLY, BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY BRILLIANT If you want to put an eye out, by all means, fly a quadcopter indoors. Shred the houseplants and ruin the linens. Give the dog a complex.


Fotokite Phi – Official Product Launch

Fotokite Phi Kite Drone

Zurich, Switzerland, November 29, 2016–Fotokite today announced the launch of the Fotokite Phi, the tethered, foldable quadcopter made for anybody who wants to take photos or video from the sky. 


Shipping Status Update

Fotokite Phi Kite Drone Factory

Production and shipping processes are ongoing. As of today, 74 units have been delivered and 224 are in transit. Another 150 will leave our fulfillment warehouse tomorrow and 120 more will leave next week. Read more