Fotokite Sigma. A situational awareness tool for First Responders.

Focus on your mission. Drastically improve your team's situational awareness. Fotokite allows you to gain an impressive, unobstructed overview of any scenario in an instant. Live stream and document mission-critical aerial views of the scene with total operational freedom.

The Fotokite Sigma system consists of the Ground Station and the Kite. A tablet computer runs Fotokite Live and receives the thermal and low light video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission.

Thermal and Visual Cameras.

Two cameras provide simultaneous thermal and regular video streams. The custom integrated camera payload is actively stabilized in 3 axes. The gimbal and Kite adjust yaw, pitch, and roll to ensure maximum situational awareness and operational flexibility throughout deployment.

Thermal video resolution is 320 x 256/30fps and standard video with 5x digital zoom is 720p/30fps.

Safe and Persistent Power. Secure Streaming.

Fotokite's reinforced, load rated, ultra-thin tether carries power up to the Kite and streams video + controls. Patented use of the tether enables GPS-independent flight and provides safe, reliable, autonomous operation.

Highest Standard Safety and Redundancy.

First responders can rely on the Fotokite 3350 Propulsion System, which includes 6 custom made industrial-grade motors and motor controllers. Flight motor redundancy comes standard, as well as backup batteries in the Kite and Ground Station for additional safety. Fotokite Sigma uses 6 x 8.3 in. foldable & field replaceable propellers.