Emergency Response

Quick and easy deployment for everyday on-scene response coordination and post-scene documentation.

Fotokite is developed for emergency situations, where time is of the essence and safety is paramount. One-button deployment of Fotokite actively tethered UAV provides instant situational awareness for on-scene coordination and event documentation. This allows for a full contextual incident record build-up from the first seconds after arrival and lasting for 24+ hours if needed.

Safety and reliability is core to Fotokite technology, with built-in redundancy on propulsion, power, and flight control systems to keep your mind focused on the response at hand. Fotokite Sigma’s Rooftop configuration enables instant deployment, completely hands-free operation, and integration into vehicle power systems to remain in the air as long as the response is open. Fotokites fit well into public safety team operations at large events or accident scenes to help monitor the situation with the added intelligence that comes with persistent elevated situational awareness. For larger scale operations or mutual aid responses, optional remote video streaming allows real-time footage to be monitored from nearby command vehicles as well as streamed remotely to command centres, providing the safety-critical information needed for better real-time coordination and collaboration of the resources on-scene.

Day or night, rain or shine, pilot or not, Fotokite is ready as a safe and reliable tool to provide situational awareness on a daily basis like traditional public safety and law enforcement drones can not. With low training thresholds necessary to safely operate the Fotokite Sigma, our actively tethered UAV solution is the safest, most reliable, scalable solution for public safety teams to gain better situational awareness and full incident records in their daily operations.

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