Search & Rescue

Immediate scene overview and area searches at the push of a button. All the benefits of a public safety drone system without the need for piloting, team resources, or setup time.
Search and rescue team on the scene

Fotokites are equipped with specialized Search & Rescue functionality to help you quickly scan the surroundings for those in need of your help. 360 degree scanning capabilities are built in to enable instant overviews of your incident scene. Unlike other public safety drones, the immediate deployability of the Fotokite means you won’t need to wait for setup time or a pilot to be on-shift and on-scene; you get the information you need when you need it.

Fotokites are regularly deployed in SAR missions such as woodland rescue or vehicle crashes off the side of the road, helping to identify people that need rescue with significant efficiency gains over ground searches.

Night time operations or inclement weather conditions are no problem for the Fotokite, with a ruggedized design and thermal imaging capabilities to cut through challenging conditions to help find your objective.

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The launch and forget ability of the Fotokite can and will change how we operate not only fire scenes but all tech rescue disciplines and hazmat events.
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