Post-Fire Inspection & Monitoring

Detect hot spots before they flare up and manage your post-response with time and personnel resource efficiency gains.

Fotokite tethered UAV is equipped with both low-light regular and FLIR thermal imaging cameras that enable public safety teams with the ability to gain the essential thermal information of the object post fire. The capability to detect remaining hot spots from the height of up to 45m/150ft provides these teams with the tools and situational awareness necessary to act quickly and efficiently with team safety and resources in mind.

Fotokite tethered UAV is an accessible tool for nearly any post-fire inspection operation, in both urban and rural areas, due to the safety, redundancy, self-piloting, and regulatory advantages of the Fotokite Sigma over traditional drones.

Night-time operations or inclement weather conditions are no problem for Fotokite Systems. Their ruggedized design and thermal imaging capabilities enable the Kite to cut through challenging conditions and help understand the scene until the mission is complete.

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