Traffic Management Intelligence

Quickly and easily monitor, track and document traffic flow and bottlenecks in the safety and convenience of your vehicle.
tethered drone in traffic management application

Fotokite systems provide the intelligence and simple visualization of traffic flow and bottlenecks from the safety and convenience of a vehicle.

Different to traditional traffic management drones, Fotokite Sigma deploys completely pilot-free at the push of a button. Travelling up to height of 45m/150ft, it provides an ideal bird’s-eye view for simple and effective traffic management operations. A regular light camera with 5x digital zoom allows for enhanced visibility of the objects in the distance.

Most popular applications include: traffic flow control and management from the scene of the motorway accident, bottleneck identification and prevention, and general traffic observation. Optional remote video streaming functionality broadcasts the live footage from your scene directly to traffic control centers and other on-site teams on the go, without the battery life restriction of a typical traffic management drone.

Weather rated and pilot-free, deployment of a simple traffic management UAS has never been more safe and accessible.

Bird’s-eye-view to the incident
The Fotokite provided a bird’s-eye-view to the incident. commander and other critical decision makers which allowed them to make more informed and educated decisions in the successful management of the event
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