Fotokite Phi Kite Drone Factory

Production and shipping processes are ongoing. As of today, 74 units have been delivered and 224 are in transit. Another 150 will leave our fulfillment warehouse tomorrow and 120 more will leave next week.

The factory is currently producing 50-60 units per work day — these units have been stuck in fulfillment for two weeks or more, which is something we are pushing to improve (daily calls with fulfillment and the factory).

Tracking information will be sent to backers by email once shipments are in transit. For those who ordered explorer cases, the first units will leave our factory next week. Click here for a list of all shipped orders.

Thanks for your patience and support. We understand you are all eager to receive your Fotokite Phi and we’re pushing as hard as we can, including further on-site visits at the factory in China, to get all currently ordered units shipped by Christmas.

-The Fotokite Team