Cabled drone Fotokite prevents fire re-ignition protecting property at Plaza Cinema
In the aftermath of the fire that erupted at Plaza Cinema on August 19, Fotokite strategically deployed a cabled drone that played a pivotal role in continuous aerial surveillance, ensuring the site's safety and minimizing the risk of a renewed blaze.

Geneva, August 19, 2023: In the realm of firefighting, Fotokite’s revolutionary cabled drone technology has emerged as a crucial asset, showcasing its pivotal role in preventing re-ignition and contributing to the efficiency and safety of firefighting efforts in the face of complex challenges.

In the aftermath of the Plaza Cinema fire, Fotokite’s cabled drone swiftly ascended into the skies, extending its operational capabilities to continuously survey the affected area from above. This sophisticated drone was equipped with advanced real-time thermal imaging, enabling it to detect even the faintest indications of heat. The primary objective was to confine the fire to the large room, minimizing the risk of contaminating the surrounding buildings. This early detection capability proved instrumental in the proactive prevention of potential re-ignition, thereby significantly bolstering the overall firefighting strategy.

The continuous surveillance provided by the Fotokite cabled drone played a pivotal role in maintaining heightened situational awareness for the responders. This not only facilitated a more coordinated response but also elevated the safety of the response teams by mitigating the risk of unforeseen flare-ups. The ability to detect heat sources in real-time allowed the firefighting teams to take swift and informed actions, reinforcing their control over the situation.

Fotokite’s contribution extends beyond mere firefighting; it represents a paradigm shift in the way emergency responses are executed. The integration of advanced technology, such as cabled drones with real-time thermal imaging, offers a proactive approach to fire prevention, reducing the potential for escalation and ensuring the safety of both responders and the public. In essence, Fotokite’s role in this incident exemplifies how cutting-edge solutions can make a profound impact on the effectiveness and safety of firefighting operations in the modern era.