Test day of tethered drone at the airport highlights safety without airspace interruption
Fotokite, a leading developer and manufacturer of tethered drone technology, and Bliksund, an international software company specializing in mission-critical software solutions for emergency services, recently conducted a test day in collaboration with one of European airport firefighters to explore how the integration of their solutions could enhance operational efficiency.
Tethered_drone_airport tethered drone at the airport
During the test burn scenario, Fotokite streamed live aerial footage into the firefighters' control room, aiding the team's coordination on the ground and enhancing resource planning.

The recent test day at the European Airport (name not disclosed) marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of emergency response capabilities for airports. The collaborative efforts of Fotokite and Bliksund, two leading innovators in their respective fields, aimed to demonstrate how airport firefighters could re-envision their approach to handling emergency situations. This event signified a significant milestone in advancing emergency response capabilities for airport security, common situational awareness, and preparedness.

One of the most significant achievements of the day was obtaining permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (country not disclosed) for the use of Fotokite’s tethered drone on airport premises. This was no small feat, as it signified recognition of Fotokite’s technology as a safer solution for aerial operations near a runway without requiring airspace shutdown—a practice typically mandated when operating traditional free-flying drones in airport environments. This clearance underscored the exceptional safety and reliability of Fotokite’s tethered drones and has the potential to pave the way for more efficient emergency response operations within airport premises.

We are excited about our collaboration with Bliksund and its positive impact on airport firefighters' operations. By integrating our tethered drone technology with Bliksund's live streaming solutions, we have created a powerful tool for enhancing situational awareness for all emergency services teams in Europe and beyond."
Julia Fedorova, Marketing Manager at Fotokite.
It's a privilege to be invited to participate in this test together with Fotokite and the team at the airport. It truly demonstrates how the integration of tethered drones and live video streaming significantly enhances situational awareness, providing the firefighters with a more efficient and safer approach to planning and executing their responses."
Janne T. Morstøl, CEO at Bliksund

The integration of Fotokite’s tethered drone technology and Bliksund’s (Incendishare) software/hardware was another key highlight of the test day. Bliksund’s robust hardware/software seamlessly interfaced with Fotokite’s tethered drone system. In a simulated real-life emergency response scenario, airport firefighters conducted test burns to assess the capabilities of Fotokite’s tethered drone. This connection allowed for the efficient transmission of real-time video data, including thermal and regular imaging, to the airport firefighters’ control room. In real-life scenarios, the amalgamation of these technologies has the potential to significantly enhance situational awareness and control, equipping firefighters with an unparalleled vantage point and access to critical aerial scene information during emergency responses.

The test day at the airport showcases the potential of collaboration and innovation within the field of emergency response. The seamless integration of Fotokite’s tethered drone technology and Bliksund’s comprehensive live streaming solution, along with the endorsement of the CAA, holds the promise of a profound transformation in airport emergency management, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

About Bliksund: Bliksund is a leading supplier of digital solutions to emergency services in the Nordics and has been a pioneer in digitizing emergency services in Norway. Our solutions provide control, flow, insight, and common situational awareness in everyday work and emergency situations. By replacing paper and silo-based IT systems with one digital platform, Bliksund supports digital transformation in emergency services. The company was founded in 2010 and has its head office in Grimstad. The company has more than 55 employees with offices in Oslo, Denmark, Sweden, and Vietnam. For more information, visit bliksund.com.”