Fire Response

From the first seconds of size-up to continuous monitoring for flare-ups at the end of an incident response, elevated situational awareness helps incident commanders direct resources where and when they are needed the most. The Fotokite Sigma provides access to immediate situational awareness at the push of a button without any piloting necessary throughout your mission.

Save team resources and gain the elevated situational awareness that your team needs to stay safe, save lives, and preserve property. With the single push of a button, fire response teams can now quickly visualize rooftop hot spots before putting personnel on top of a building.

With non-stop flight time and secure video streaming to the ground, it is now possible to track and detect valuable intelligence in low-visibility scenarios. For example, when personnel or civilians are entering or exiting a structure throughout a response, or when visual observation is hampered by smoke or nightfall. The use of the elevated thermal camera allows you to clearly observe your scene, track your team, and direct operations. Dual video streaming quality enables the ability to clearly visualize hose lines and see if water jets are hitting where they need to, even from blocks away. Forest fire and mutual aid responses can be more efficiently understood, communicated, and coordinated in real-time given an elevated, contextual overview of your scene and the resources on site. Fotokite is an ideal daytime independent solution that allows for true emergency response to the unscheduled events.

Fotokite. Launch and forget.
Having the kite be able to stay up during the duration of the incident without worrying about batteries, FAA regulations or assigning a full-time operator is invaluable.
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