Use Cases

Delivering elevated situational awareness on a daily basis, Fotokite Sigma is the go-to public safety UAS for first responder teams looking for a safe, easy, and reliable way to gain aerial perspectives. Fotokite solutions support public safety UAS operations such as fire response, search & rescue missions, and traffic management on a daily basis.
Fire Response
Fire fighters attending to fire

Safely size up a roof for hot spots, easily visualize and direct hose lines, or gain perspective from the front-line of a forest fire. At the push of a button, without the need for piloting, and without drawing team resources.

Search & Rescue
Search and rescue team on the scene

Immediate elevated situational awareness helps to detect and direct team resources in SAR missions with significant efficiency gains. Quick scanning capabilities enable a scene-overview snapshot in seconds, giving you the information you need, when you need it most.

Post-Fire Inspection & Monitoring
forest fire assessment with tethered drone

Continuously monitoring the incident scene for flare-ups with elevated thermal imaging and easy detection of heat concentration points, without needing to swap batteries or pilot the system throughout hours of the incident response and post-response.

Public Safety & Security
Emergency Response
Tethered drone on scene of the traffic accident

Immediate and hands-free deployment for everyday on-scene response coordination and post-scene documentation.

Traffic Management
tethered drone in traffic management application

Quickly and easily visualize traffic flow and bottlenecks from the safety and convenience of your vehicle.

Infrastructure & Event Security
facility manager reading notes on the tablet at the construction site

Mounted to security vehicles or installed as a remote deployable asset, the Fotokite Sigma system fits well with security site inspection and monitoring applications.

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