Fotokite Sigma
Fotokite Sigma provides public safety teams with mission-critical situational awareness from elevated perspectives. Fotokite's actively tethered drones saves team resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button; no piloting necessary. Fotokite Sigma is authorized and recognized by aviation authorities as a safer alternative to non-actively tethered drones and free-flying public safety drone systems.
Fotokite Live: Easy to Use
Fotokite Live is Fotokite Sigma's native operating software. Mission critical situational awareness information is continuously available on included rugged tablets and allows teams to make increasingly information-driven decisions through a simple, straightforward interface.
RGB video resolution with 5x digital zoom is 720p/30fps
24h Operation
Tethered drone flying at night
Operate as long as your mission needs it. Integration into the power supply from your vehicle keeps the Fotokite Sigma operational for the duration of your mission.
Field Tested. Firefighter Approved.
firefighter operating fotokite tethered UAV command tablet for aerial thermal situation awareness
From live fire responses to search and rescue missions, firefighters are now using the Fotokite Sigma on a daily basis as an essential tool for their missions.
Safe & Reliable in any Weather
tethered drone UAV flying in harsh weather conditions such as snow
Reliability is one of the cornerstones of Fotokite's technologies. While normal public safety drone use is widely limited in inclement weather conditions, Fotokite actively tethered UAS is regularly deployed in rain, snow, and windy conditions.
Fotokite Sigma is available in three configurations:
The Rooftop Box configuration is Fotokite's flagship configuration, enabling elevated situational awareness immediately and completely hands-free. Designed for integration into SUV and heavy apparatus vehicle classes, the Rooftop configuration deploys with the single push of a button.
tethered UAV placed in the rooftop of the vehicletethered UAV placed in the rooftop of the vehicle
Hear from our Customers
Fotokites are used as a reactive tool.
They assist in search and rescue efforts, like a building collapse or the search for a teenager in the East River. They provide aerial situational awareness and support for boots on the ground.
A bird’s eye view for large events.
Fotokite provided situational awareness and a common operating picture for all. This was to ensure that everyone remained safe during the expression of First Amendment rights exercises.
Fotokite. Launch and forget.
Having the kite be able to stay up during the duration of the incident without worrying about batteries, FAA regulations or assigning a full time operator is invaluable.
Flying when you need it most.
The simple controls, functions and programmed autonomous actions of the aircraft makes it easy to operate even under stressful conditions and austere weather environments.
Rebecca Weiner, Intelligence & Counterterrorism Deputy Commissioner, NYPD, USA
Mark Salter, Group Manager, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, UK
Scott Douglas, Captain, Oklahoma City Fire Department, US
Tadd Wegener, Batallion Chief, City of Merrill, US
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Partners / Distributors
We work with numerous partners to make Fotokite available to first responders around the globe.
Fotokite drone in the box
Fotokite secures investment round, achieves strong growth and expands global reach

Fotokite has secured around CHF 10 M ($ 11 M) investment to further accelerate its growth, bolster its R&D and expand its operations globally.

securely tethered UAV NYPD
Securely tethered UAV by Fotokite aids NYPD counterterrorism efforts at New Year’s Eve

New York City PD has fortified its counter-terrorism measures with the integration of Fotokites into their security infrastructure.

Cabled drone Fotokite prevents fire re-ignition protecting property at Plaza Cinema

Fotokite’s role in preventing re-ignition showcases how advanced cabled drone solutions contribute to the efficiency and safety of firefighting efforts.

Horizon 2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 856120.
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