Drone on cable aided crowd management during the largest maritime festival in the world
From June 8 to 18, 2023, 44 ships, 2,000 sailors of 11 different nationalities populated the quays of the Seine for the festival “L’Armada de Rouen” in Normandie. As a guardian of safety, Fotokite - drone on cable surveilled the crowd during the concerts which took place for the duration of the event.
drone on cable

The Armada de Rouen, celebrated as the world’s largest maritime festival, recently drew an impressive crowd of 350,000 visitors to the charming city of Normandy. The event featured spectacular shows and fireworks that captivated audiences, with some drawing as many as 50,000 spectators each night. However, managing such a massive gathering, ensuring the safety of attendees, and immortalizing the memorable moments amid the festivities posed substantial challenges.

In response to these challenges, the innovative technology of Fotokite’s drone on cable emerged as a game-changer in crowd surveillance. This revolutionary approach to aerial surveillance offers a multitude of advantages for effectively managing and monitoring large gatherings. One of its standout features is the drone’s stability during flight, even in challenging environments. This ensures that the drone can navigate through the crowded festival grounds with precision, providing organizers with a reliable tool for maintaining order and safety.

The integration of a thermal camera further enhances Fotokite’s capabilities, enabling excellent live streaming. This proves to be invaluable for event organizers, as real-time monitoring becomes seamless, allowing for quick response to any potential issues. The thermal camera also adds an extra layer of security, identifying hotspots within the crowd and enabling timely intervention if needed.

Beyond its safety applications, Fotokite’s drone on cable serves as a powerful tool for capturing breathtaking aerial footage. This unique perspective adds a layer of enchantment to the documentation of events like the Armada de Rouen, ensuring that the magic of the festival is preserved for both participants and future audiences.

In conclusion, Fotokite’s innovative drone on cable has proven to be an indispensable asset for managing large-scale events such as the Armada de Rouen. Its stability, live streaming capabilities, and aerial perspectives not only enhance security measures but also contribute to the creation of a mesmerizing visual record of the festivities. As technology continues to evolve, the marriage of innovation and tradition in events like the Armada de Rouen is set to redefine the future of celebrations worldwide.