French Firefighters Desautel Fotokite partnership
Desautel group partners with Fotokite to supply French Firefighters

Fotokite new partnership with The Desautel Group, France’s market leader in protective equipment and fire and rescue vehicles.

tethered drone axon
Axon & Fotokite partner to offer autonomous tethered drone technology

An exclusive partnership between Fotokite and Axon gives public safety teams instant access to aerial situational awareness.

Excelerate group solutions
Excelerate Group to equip UK Public Safety with aerial situational awareness

Fotokite partners with Excelerate Group to supply aerial thermal imaging tool to UK Public Safety, security and government teams.

Firefighter team on scene in the forest
Fotokite partners with Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger GmbH to enter German market

Fotokite will enter the German market with partner Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger to fulfill demand for Fotokite Sigma systems from local fire departments.

Fotokite announces Growag AG as Swiss distributor

Fotokite has partnered with Growag Feuerwehrtechnik AG, the leading trade and production company of equipment for fire departments in Switzerland.

aerial thermal imaging
UK Fire Market is getting a new aerial thermal imaging tool

Fire service vehicles in the UK will be getting the latest aerial thermal imaging tool to enable instant deployment and one-button operation.

Fotokite launches vehicle Rooftop system for US Public Safety teams

Fotokite announced the release of the new Rooftop product configuration, providing firefighters and Public Safety teams with immediate aerial situational awareness at the push of a button.

Close up detail of the tethered drone propeller
Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital invests in Fotokite

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd., the bank’s venture capital vehicle, announced that it is investing in Perspective Robotics.

Fotokite tethered drone with dual thermal and regular light cameras
Fotokite wins $1M in New York!

Fotokite received the top prize of $1 million at GENIUS NY, the world’s largest business competition for unmanned systems in Syracuse, New York.

Fotokite at start up days
Swiss Startup Days: New concept proved to be a success

Swiss Startup Days: The two day event set new record attendance. Fotokite wins the Robotics & IOT competition track.