Fotokite and Teikoku Sen-i Co. Ltd join forces to enhance public safety with tethered drones
In a groundbreaking collaboration, Fotokite AG and Teisen, also known as Teikoku Sen-i Co.,Ltd, have teamed up to revolutionize public safety in Japan.
Teisen Japan Fotokite

Teisen, a trusted name in the industry with a rich history spanning over a century, is set to become the official distributor of Fotokite’s cutting-edge product, the Fotokite Sigma. This partnership will see the introduction of Fotokite’s innovative technology into the Japanese market, empowering local public safety organizations with a game-changing tool to enhance their operations.

Fotokite Sigma: Redefining Aerial Surveillance

Fotokite Sigma is a state-of-the-art tethered drone system that offers unparalleled capabilities for aerial surveillance and data collection. With its intuitive design and real-time data transmission, public safety organizations in Japan will gain a vital advantage in responding to emergencies, monitoring critical infrastructure, and enhancing situational awareness. Teisen’s expertise and local presence, earned through its years of dedication to quality and service, will ensure seamless integration and support for Fotokite Sigma, further strengthening its presence in Japan’s public safety landscape.

Teisen, a company with a rich history

With a rich history deeply ingrained in the Japanese public safety market, Teisen has earned its reputation as a pioneering and innovative force in the fire-fighting industry. Their commitment to crafting cutting-edge fire-fighting and rescue solutions has positioned them as a trusted partner for countless fire departments and emergency services across Japan. Teisen’s legacy of excellence is marked by its dedication to safeguarding communities, making them an influential and respected name in the realm of fire-fighting vehicles, equipment, hoses and much more.

A Partnership with Promise

The collaboration between Fotokite AG and Teisen represents a significant stride forward in bolstering public safety measures across Japan. With Teisen as the official distributor, Fotokite aims to make Fotokite Sigma readily accessible to local authorities and organizations, ultimately contributing to safer communities and more effective emergency responses. Together, they look forward to the positive impact this partnership will bring to Japan’s public safety infrastructure, setting a new standard for innovation in the field.