Webinar: Fotokite’s Impact on Coordination of Emergency Response
Join our webinar on 30 June, 2PM BST / 3PM CET / 9AM EDT to learn how Fotokites create impact by delivering situational awareness at emergency response scenes.
Fotokite webinar thermal imaging tablet


Wednesday 30 June, 2PM BST / 3PM CET / 9AM EDT


Aerial Situational Awareness tools (UAVs, tethered UAVs) have become indispensable in public safety response because they provide a force-multiplying perspective from above.

Join us for this webinar and learn how easy it is to pilot a Fotokite system. Human error and limited flying time are a thing of the past. Real-time data capture gives public safety officials actionable aerial scene intelligence, allowing first responders to evaluate risks, locate missing persons and assess structural damage, all from the palm of the hand.


Special guests will provide an overview of how Fotokites are being used in the EU and the USA.

– Chris McCall, CEO, Fotokite, CH
– Vern Sallee, Axon Air Drone Strategist & Former Police Captain, Chula Vista Police Department, US
– Gemma Alcock, Founder & CEO, SkyBound Rescuer, UK


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