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  • Folds into a tube the size of a thermos

    The Fotokite Phi easily fits into a backpack or suitcase. It weighs 12 ounces and is the lightest GoPro-carrying quadcopter on the market.

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  • Fotokite Pro: Aerial filming made simple

    A unique, lightweight tethered flying camera system. Made for professional use cases and live broadcasting.

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  • No piloting skills necessary

    The Fotokite Pro is easy to operate and flies like a kite. It is also the lightest-in-class system: 620 g / 1.37 lb (Takeoff weight including camera)

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  • Uncompressed low latency Full HD video

    See what you are filming in real time with the 1080p 60fps uncompressed video downlink.

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  • Instant launch, intuitive gesture control

    Just take Fotokite Phi out of its carrying case, point it in the direction you want and watch it fly like a kite.

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  • Fotokite Phi is the friendliest, most compact, lightest, and most affordable GoPro-carrying quadcopter yet.

  • Thanks to its small size and foldability, you can operate the Fotokite Phi anywhere.

  • Due to the tether, Fotokite Phi is fully accountable and usually less restricted to use.

  • Just take Fotokite Phi out of its carrying case, point it in the direction you want and watch it fly like a kite.

Fotokite Phi: a no-frills aerial camera on a leash for everyone

Made for the hobby photographer, the action sports enthusiast, the guerrilla journalist and the gadget aficionado.

See Fotokite Phi in action

Watch our video containing aerial shots from Fotokite Phi.

Fotokite Pro: for broadcasters

Made for professional use cases and live broadcasting. Delivers uncompressed low latency Full HD video.

  • Fotokite Pro is a unique lightweight tethered flying camera system.

  • With only minimal training required, Fotokite Pro is easy to operate outdoors and even indoors.

  • As Fotokite Pro is not regulated as a drone, it can be safely used near crowds.

  • The Fotokite Pro will be delivered in a compact, yet rugged packaging for safe transportation.

See Fotokite Pro in Action.

Watch our showreel, containing aerial shots from Fotokite Pro.

Fotokite key features.

Intuitive Control

The tether provides a safe, intuitive way to fly. The visible, load-bearing physical link allows clear visual accountability for bystanders and property owners.


Delivered in compact, carry-on cases, both the Fotokite Phi and the Fotokite Pro are built for immediate operational use. They can be flown by a novice after only 5min of training.


Thanks to the physical tether, Fotokite is more an intelligent kite than a drone. It is welcomed by safety experts as a safe, more reliable way to access aerial perspectives.

Unlimited Flight

A specialty of the Fotokite Pro: the tether is used to supply power from the ground, allowing the user to fly for hours.

  • FAA approval for CNN to fly the Fotokite Pro over people

  • 100% achieved: the Fotokite Phi gets crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

  • Fotokite providing the closing keynote at the DroneApps conference in Lausanne.

  • Aerial shooting for SRF 1 in Trogen, Switzerland.

  • Fotokite has won the Qualcomm QPrize Europe 2015.

  • Fotokite Pro covering the Unia demonstration in Zurich.

  • Exploring aircraft inspection applications with SITA.

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The Fotokite Phi is the simplest flying camera we have seen yet.

Ben PopperThe Verge

The Fotokite Phi could unlock citizen drone journalism in crowded areas like protests where it’d be too dangerous or distracting to fly a free-roaming drone.

Josh ConstineTechcrunch

Want to shoot photos and video from the sky, but don’t want to worry about controllers, apps and regulations? This tethered quadcopter looks like the answer.

Joshua GoldmanCNet

Whether you see the Fotokite’s leash as a feature or a limitation, the product gives you the lightest, most compact way to get your GoPro in the air.

Donald BellMakezine

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The core algorithms of our products were developed and refined over the course of three years of PhD work at the Flying Machine Arena at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

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