Fotokite is a unique solution for versatile aerial photography.

We are building a safe, intelligent flying camera that anyone can deploy in under a minute.

   Intuitive Control


Fotokite's tether provides a safe, direct way to fly. The visible, load-bearing physical link allows clear visual accountability for bystanders and property owners.



Delivered in a  compact, carry-on case, the Fotokite is built for speed, launched and operational in seconds.



The Fotokite shares fundamental attributes with conventional kites and is  thus welcomed by safety experts as a safe, more reliable way to access aerial perspectives, especially near crowds.

   Unlimited Flight


The tether is used to supply power from the ground, allowing the Fotokite to fly for hours.

Okavango Wilderness Project / @okavangowild /

How do I get one?


We are working hard to deliver a quality product.


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Sergei had the honor of being named a TED2014 Fellow, which gave him the opportunity to present the Fotokite as part of the TED's flagship 30th anniversary conference in Vancouver.


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Drones on Leashes Shoot Aerial Photos Without the Creepiness


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Drones are becoming more common in our skies, performing a variety of tasks, from taking photos to monitoring crops and potentially even delivering broadband.


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To better understand their aerial perspective on this flat alluvial fan, we are bringing along a “fotokite” this year. Equipped with a GoPro 3 we aim to achieve even better results than this video clip.


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Forget cats and dogs - now you can own a pet DRONE! 'Friendly' aircraft on leash to be launched.


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Not because the drone has a camera, but because I don’t always know who is behind that camera. If the drone operator were immediately identifiable, however, I would have no problem. That is exactly the issue Fotokite tries to solve.


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Sergei Lupashin has a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), and is currently doing post-doctoral work with the University of Zurich’s Robotics and Perception Group.


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Add a Leash to a Drone Camera, and Voila, It Feels Way Less Creepy (Video)


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