NEW! Rooftop Configuration

Introducing Fotokite’s new Rooftop Configuration, providing Firefighters and Public Safety teams with immediate incident overview information at the push of a button. The Rooftop configuration is built directly into the roof or roof rack of any light and heavy Public Safety vehicles, providing the market with the first practical daily-use tool for aerial situational awareness.

Instant Deployment. Immediate Awareness.

Gain rapid and effortless thermal and low-light video overviews during the critical first seconds of a response. This configuration provides unprecedented size-up capabilities with a bird’s-eye view of incident scenes within 15 seconds of arriving on scene.

Fly All Day, Any Day.

Rugged, reliable, and safe ― Fotokite Sigma flies through harsh weather conditions with 24 hour flight time and without any piloting needed, allowing for true, every day autonomous flight. This gives teams actionable information throughout their missions and unlocks the ability to capture full incident response records without interruption.